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Why is light an important symbol in religion?

By: Keanu Rowlandson Jul, 30 2023

Well, folks, here's a bright topic for you! Light, you see, is like the superstar of symbols in religion. It's the Beyoncé of metaphors, the Elvis of emblems! Why? Well, it's because light represents hope, enlightenment (yeah, the light bulb moment kind), and the divine. So next time when you switch on a lamp, remember, you're not just getting rid of darkness, you're also inviting all those positive vibes into your life. Isn't that illuminating?

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What has religion done for this world?

By: Keanu Rowlandson Jul, 28 2023

Well, well, well, buckle up folks, because today we're diving headfirst into the big 'R' - Religion! Now, don't you start squirming, this is gonna be a fun ride. Religion, my dear friends, has served up a hearty portion of peace, hope, and community spirit to our world - the kind of warm, fuzzy stuff that makes you feel all tingly inside. It's like the grandma of societal structures, always there with a comforting hug and a slice of wisdom pie. So, even if you're the 'I'd-rather-watch-paint-dry' type, there's no denying that religion has given this world something to chew on!

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Why don't any human religious symbols appear in Star Trek?

By: Keanu Rowlandson Jul, 23 2023

Star Trek avoids showing any human religious symbols to maintain its universal appeal and promote inclusivity. The series' creators wanted to envision a future where humanity has moved beyond religious divisions, focusing more on scientific exploration and discovery. They decided to explore alien cultures' religions instead, offering a fresh perspective and respecting real-world religious diversity. So, it's not a matter of sidelining religion, but rather an attempt to depict a harmonious future. This approach is a part of Star Trek's charm, creating a universe where everyone is accepted, irrespective of their beliefs.

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Is the Roman Catholic Church in trouble?

By: Keanu Rowlandson Jul, 19 2023

In my exploration of the question "Is the Roman Catholic Church in trouble?", I've discovered that the church is indeed facing numerous challenges. Declining attendance, particularly among the youth, is a significant concern. The church is also grappling with various scandals that have damaged its credibility. However, it's worth noting that it has survived for over 2,000 years amidst countless adversities. So, while it's going through tough times, the church's resilience should not be underestimated.

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What school has a more 'hardcore' reputation: MIT or UChicago?

By: Keanu Rowlandson Jul, 11 2023

In the battle of 'hardcore' reputations between MIT and UChicago, it's a pretty close call. MIT is globally recognized for its intense and rigorous programs, especially in science and engineering disciplines. UChicago, on the other hand, has a reputation for its demanding academic expectations and stringent grading system. While both are renowned for their academic rigor, the 'hardcore' label could depend on your field of interest. However, it's safe to say, both institutions push their students to achieve academic excellence.

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How did medieval Europeans view pagans?

By: Keanu Rowlandson May, 12 2023

During the medieval period, Europeans generally viewed pagans with suspicion and hostility. Many considered them to be unenlightened and uncivilized, as they didn't adhere to Christianity, which was the dominant religion at the time. As a result, pagans were often seen as a threat to social order and the stability of the Church. Some, however, were more tolerant and curious about pagan beliefs, recognizing that there was a wealth of knowledge and culture to be found within these ancient traditions. Overall, the medieval European view of pagans was complex and multifaceted, shaped by religion, politics, and the desire to maintain power and control.

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